The Ecole Doctorale STIC (the IT Doctoral School), under the aegis of the COMUEs (Universities)  UCA and PSL, delivers the PhDs of Nice Sophia Antipolis in the scientific domain of Information Technologies.

Located in the heart of Sophia Antipolis - the bigest technopole in Europe - the IT doctoral school takes support from the local high-level research laboratories (INRIA Méditerranée, CNRS I3S, CNRS LEAT, Mines ParisTech CMA, EpOC and I-City)  in strong relationship with the local high-tech firms.

  • about 250 PhD students,
  • about 125 qualified supervisors,
  • about 65 PhD degrees and 5 HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) per year,

In a field where employment is highly favorable, our doctors easily get jobs in France and all over the world.

Secretariat : Régine Saelens
Régine Saelens

Director of the IT doctoral school : Gilles Bernot
Deputy director : Claire Migliaccio
Deputy director : Xavier Pennec