Personal Monitoring Committee (PMC)

The Personal Monitoring Committee (PMC) for PhD students is a new regulation introduced by a French law on Doctoral organization issued May 25, 2016. Article 13 of that law states the missions and operating rules of that Committee, briefly summed up hereafter. The PMC is specific to each student and follows him all along his PhD. The Committee must issue recommendations regarding the registration of the student for the next year of PhD starting from the upward move from second to third year (PhD). These recommendations are based on a personal interview with the PhD student. The PMC also issue recommendations on derogative registrations (after third year PhD).
The PMC from UCA ED STIC will operate according to the following rules and schedule
1. Composition of the Committee
Each committee comprises two members that are external to the supervision team of the PhD student. This excludes de facto the PhD advisor, the PhD co-advisor and co-supervisors.  One member of the PMC should be local to UCA (Université Côte d'Azur) while the other has to be external to UCA institutions. These two members are proposed by the PhD supervisor and the PhD candidate, each providing at least one name, and they are appointed by the ED STIC Council. Both members must have a doctoral degree and at least one of them must have the HDR degree (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches).
2. Preparation of the personal interview 
At least one week before the interview
, the PhD candidate sends a short document to the committee members (5 pages max.) which:
  • Briefly recaps the context, objectives and current achievements of the PhD thesis;
  • Provides the list of (and links to) existing publications (if available);
  • Sums up briefly the activities not directly related to the scientific part of the PhD: teaching and other collective duties performed, training received (with detailed number of Credits obtained so far both in scientific and in professional trainings).
3. The personal monitoring interview
The interview consists in 5 successive phases, generally occurring on the same day and location:
  • A 20' to 30’ talk by the students presenting his/her research open to all participants, followed by questions from committee members. This phase should last about 1 hour.
  • A private meeting between the student and the PMC members.
  • A private meeting between the PMC and the PhD supervisor(s).
  • The elaboration of the recommendations by the PMC members alone. The form, which may be downloaded here, is meant to be used as a guideline for the Committee members as proceeding with the previous steps.
  • A last meeting involving all parties, where the recommendations are summarized by the PMC to the PhD student and the supervisors. The form is then signed by all parties and then returned to the ED STIC administration.
The external PMC member can attend the meeting using video-conferencing devices.
Between May and September of the first PhD year: proposal by the PhD student and his advisor and appointment by EDSTIC of the PMC members
During the second year PhD registration, and in any case before June 1: personal interview involving the PhD student, the two committee members, the PhD supervisor (and co-supervisors when applies). Please be aware that the second year interview report is a mandatory step for the third-year registration. The report must be sent by e-mail to with "Rapport CSI + name of the PhD" as subject of the e-mail.