Best PhD awards

EDSTIC PhD thesis prize

The EDSTIC doctoral school is supporting two PhD thesis prizes of 1000€ each starting from 2020.

These prizes will be attributed according to a gender parity rule. They aim at rewarding the most innovative research works, but also the ability of the the PhD student to present his work in a clear and educational way.  One of the prizes is funded by the Université Côte d’Azur foundation ( and the other from the doctoral school's own funds. The prizes will be awarded at a ceremony organized by the Côte d'Azur University foundation of the each year in December.


All the PhD students of EDSTIC are eligible to the prize. However, the prize-winners must agree to be present at the awards ceremony. Please inform the doctoral school secretariat with a copy to the ED Director if you do not wish to compete for the thesis prize.
Given the time lag between the end of the calendar year and the selection that must be made before the awards ceremony, candidates who have defended late will be eligible for the following year.
The names of the laureates as well as the title of their PhD manuscript will be mentioned each year on this page.

Selection procedures

Based on the reviewers evaluation and the quality of the defence,  a first selection will be made to determine shortlisted candidates. In November, the board of EDSTIC will meet to select the winners among them.