Supervisors and research subjects

The exact scientific perimeter of a Doctoral School is, by definition, the composition of its affiliated laboratories. The PhD subjects that are available at the ED STIC (IT doctoral School) are those proposed by the qualified members of the corresponding research teams.
Looking at the list with keywords of qualified members of the ED STIC, one can extract, for each type of subject, the list of PhD supervisors able to supervise the thesis (and join them).

All the Information Technology oriented subjects are available at the ED STIC. They are classified according to four specialties:
  • Informatique (Computer Science), delivered by UCA,
  • Automatique, Traitement du Signal et des Images (Automatic, Signal and Image Processing), delivered by UCA,
  • Electronique (Electronic), delivered by UCA,
  • and Contrôle, Optimisation, Prospective (Control, Optimization, Forward Studies), delivered by PSL and UCA.

A few examples of possible PhD subjects can be found on the page of competition for UNS fundings: This list is far from exhaustive and a good PhD subject should be defined by discussing with one of the qualified members of the ED STIC.