Réinscription en 4e année

Preamble :

Like the first registration, you must obtain a certificate of payment of the student and campus life contribution (CVEC) from the CROUS, and then you must complete your administrative registration with the "Scolarité" Office no later than October 30 of the current academic year. You will not be considered as registered at the University until your administrative registration has been validated by the issue of a university student card. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the deadline for finalising the application for re-enrollment on ADUM is October 4, 2022 in order to be able to make the administrative registration by November 4, 2022 (incompressible date).

4th year derogatory registration:

A normal Ph.D. duration is 3 years. An additional period may be granted, by derogation, on the proposal of the ED STIC director accompanyed with the recommandation of the supervisor. A fourth year of enrollment therefore concerns a priori only doctoral students who arrived late in their first enrollment. Arrangements are also acceptable for those engaged in regular professional activity, students with an elective mandate at the university councils, or a few other particular cases. Also, women who had a child during the period are entitled to a derogation for one year.

To apply for a derogatory registration after the 3rd year, two forms must be sent by July 15:

  1. For UCA registrations,
    For a fourth year re-registration, in addition to the fields to be filled in on ADUM, you will file your activity report under the heading "déroulement doctorat": Attach a pdf file with an explanation of the work accomplished, what remains to be done and the reasons for the request for exemption, as well as the provisional plan for the PhD manuscript, and the manuscript as it stands if you have begun writing it. Submit the report as a single pdf. 
  2. Depending on your situation, to be discussed with your thesis director, you may have a simplified interview with your PMC or an interview similar to the one you had at the end of the second year. In all cases, your PMC advisor will submit the minutes of the 4th year PMC. Beforehand, you will have filled in the part of this report that concerns you.
  3. Also submit any supporting documents (employer's certificate, medical certificate, etc.).

Your application to re-register on Adum must be completed by July 15 and to be processed.

The ED STIC will decide in close collaboration with your Personal Monitoring Committe and possibly the set up a mediation.

For PSL, contact Valérie Roy and use your ADUM account.