Maintain contact

Maintaining contact with ED STIC after the PhD is not only a commitment on your part (thesis charter), it is above all the means to benefit from a network of former doctors of Nice - Sophia Antipolis. It and also strengthen the network. Obviously this emulation reinforces the image and the recognition of your PhD over time.
  • Keep ED STIC aware of the main events of your career and of your successive employers.
  • Keep in touch and find new recruits with a culture close to yours, therefore more efficient for your projects.
  • Keep in touch with the other PhD doctors from Nice - Sophia Antipolis and maintain a network that will increase the solidity of your projects and your career.
  • Take benefit of the research skills in your former laboratory or in one of those of ED STIC. This will make your R&D or technologic watch activities remarkably effective.
  • Also keep in touch with doctoral associations: AD STIC (also Facebook=/adstic06 and Twitter=@ADSTIC06) and AJC06 in particular.