Scientific board

The board of the Doctoral School decides on the organisation matters, pedagogical issues, awarding grants, financial suppports for training, PhD student follow-up...

Members :

  • Director of the Doctoral School: Claire Migliaccio (UCA/UNS)
  • 6 representatives of the laboratories: David Coudert (INRIA Méditerranée), Sylvie Icart (I3S), Benoît Miramond (LEAT), Xavier Pennec (INRIA Méditerranée), Bruno Martin (I3S), Valérie Roy (CMA et PSL/MINES ParisTech)
  • 2 representatives of the students: Lyes Khacef, Rémi Gracia, substitute: Roland Kromes.
  • 2 representatives of external laboratories of the UCA: Didier Auroux (Mathematics), Franck Delaunay (Biology)
  • 1 representative of the socio-economic world: Benjamin Miraglio (AI Scientist@Oncoradiomics)
  • 2 representatives of the administrative staff of UCA: Ali Beikbaghban (Campus SophiaTech), Stéphanie Sorres (INRIA RH)

The Thesis Council within the board monitors the composition of the thesis committees:

  • properly qualified reviewers, impartiality and sufficient national/international notoriety,
  • independence of committee members and so on.

Members: David Coudert, Sylvie Icart, Benoît Miramond, Claire Migliaccio, Xavier Pennec.