Essential documents

You can use this table to maintain the inventory of the formations you have followed (PSL: use the ADUM).

Do not forget that you (and your supervisor) have signed the thesis charter of UCA and the bylaws of the UCA College of Doctorals Studies or the thesis charter of PSL. It is worth repeating a few rules of good behavior:
  • The PhD duration is normally limited to 3 years, so provide a regular and sustained research work.
  • The supervisor must devote part of his time to supervising the thesis but the doctoral student must be "proactive", in particular taking regular appointments, respecting the schedules, respecting the dead-lines, writing down the progress of his(her) work, and so on.
  • Never plagiarize, of course.
  • Keep the ED STIC informed of your career after the thesis.

If you just begin your PhD, do not neglect the European opportunities offered by the EIT through the Doctoral Center.

In addition, keep a copy of your employment contract for reference, for example if you wish to carry out a complementary activity. Also be aware of the internal rules of your host laboratory.

Do not lose contact with the AD STIC. Never neglect to go to the information meetings of the Doctoral School.

Lastly, national associations such as the Bernard Gregory Association (ABG) or the "Association Nationale des Docteurs" (ANDès) offer many useful helps and information.