How to apply

You need first to look for a PhD supervisor who belongs to the list of members of the ED STIC, whose research activity copes with your scientific whishes. Do it preferably before the end of your Master and contact a few of them. See if they are interested, if they propose a PhD subject for you and be careful to inform them immediately when you have made a choice. Then, with the help of your potential PhD supervisor, inventory the possible fundings for 3 years and apply for appropriate competitions.

Your registration at ED STIC is then submitted to:

  1. A Master or equivalent degree with honnors
  2. A sufficient 3 year funding to make your PhD
  3. The agreement of ED STIC. Students awarded after a competition attached to UCA or PSL are automatically authorized.
To get the agreement, follow the procedures in the menu at First registration.
The first registration can take place at almost any time of the year (October to May inclusive of each academic year) but the second year registration is made at the beginning of the next academic year, whatever the date of first registration.